Kripa Collection

Stand out from your competition. The Kripa Collection gives you plenty of options outfit, decorate and customize your rooms, resorts and hotels. Select from a wide range of mattresses, sleeping accessories, bed linen and bath linen. Our collection has three distinct lines – deluxe, premium and luxury – to help you choose the right style for your enterprises. Plus, we offer great prices with unmatched quality standards.

Mattresses and Accessories

A good night’s rest is all about the mattress you choose. In the hospitality sector, providers need the assurance that their product is the best so that their esteemed customers are happy.

Bed Linen

The key to satisfaction is comfort. Here’s how you can maximize comfort of your bed linen at the best price – choose from the Kripa Collection of deluxe, premium and luxury bed linen products.

Bath Linen

The key to quality is durability. Enjoy top-notch bath linen quality customized across deluxe, premium and luxury segments. We guarantee superior finishes and comfort.